Meet the team behind the Embassy of Water

At Dutch Design Week 2019 the Embassy of Water will demonstrate how valuable water is and how we can really start to appreciate tap water, rainwater, rivers and canals. Meet the team behind the embassy here and let them inspire you to think differently about water and stimulate you to think about your own water consumption.

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Published on 8 October 2019
Part of Embassy of Water
Meet the team behind the Embassy of Water
Part of Embassy of Water

Anouk van der Poll – initiator and curator

Initiator and curator of the Embassy of Water, Anouk van der Poll, has a great love for water and nature. She sees water as a living, dynamic system with its own natural laws. As a designer, she therefore seeks natural solutions for water issues in design. Van der Poll previously worked for SPA and Water Board de Dommel and created the first Embassy of Water in 2018.

Conny van Rooij – promotor and connector

Conny van Rooij supports the Embassy of Water as promoter and connector. She is passionate about a world that thrives in harmony, diversity and cooperation. As people, we have an enormous capacity to work together and create beautiful things. And which subject is more important and more inspiring than water? Conny also works as an HR advisor and talent broker at Water Board De Dommel.

Kim Hemmes – designer

For Kim Hemmes, the connecting element of water is a wonderful source to reclaim our natural connection with nature. As a designer, Kim shapes our relationship with water through a composition of works by multiple artists. Flow with this ever-transforming, emotional and wise element.

Freya Macke – adviser on technical water issues

For the Embassy of Water, Freya Macke is an adviser on technical water issues and utilizes her large network to support innovations and interaction for a future-proof living environment. Freya works at ORG-ID as a driver for climate adaptation at governments and companies.

Marjolein Bezemer – writer and communications adviser

Marjolein Bezemer is a writer and communications adviser for the Embassy of Water. As a freelancer at Inkt & Aarde, she mainly writes about sustainability and nature. Therefore, water is a theme that suits her well. Water is, among other things, about climate adaptation, healthy soil and resilient nature. Marjolein is passionately committed to this.

Charlotte Grün – designer

Charlotte Grün and Frea Zwaag from Studio-OOK are working on the appearance and interiors of the Embassy of Water. As designers, they help with the visualization and realization of the exhibition. Charlotte always works with clients on social issues, so she is at the place at the Embassy of Water. The collaboration inspires her to look at water differently.

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