Kick-off of the Dutch Design Foundation design year

The festive kick-off of Dutch Design Foundation’s (DDF) new design year took place on 28 March. Designers and partners came together and shared inspiring examples from the design field. Beforehand, World Design Embassies (WDE) and What if Lab (WiL) organised an in-depth session. The different networks got to know each other, shared insights and were updated on developments within WDE, What if Lab and De Publieke Ontwerppraktijk (PONT).

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Published on 4 April 2024
Kick-off of the Dutch Design Foundation design year
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Katja Pahnke, the new director of Dutch Design Foundation, opened the session. As someone who has worked extensively in the tech industry, she aspires to bring the design field and the tech world closer together. Next, Marianne Aarnoudse, Head of Design Works, took the stage. She welcomed all familiar and new faces and talked about the new addition of PONT to Design Works. After this, it was time for all the presentations.

Nynke Tromp, the new project leader of PONT, gave a presentation on social design and behaviour change. She discussed the competencies of designers and how they can contribute to a well-functioning society. Next, WiL Program Manager Dries van Wagenberg took the stage to talk about the new What if Lab that will soon start in collaboration with Embassy partner ActiZ. He also shared the broader plans of the WiL programme for the coming years.

Then, three Embassies to present the current status and plans for the coming years. Creative Leader of the Embassy of Safety, Tabo Goudswaard, was the first to speak. He used the moment to talk about the Makers Collective of Justice and Security, a collective of thinkers and doers within the ministry aiming to contribute to a safe society in surprising ways. Then, Creative Lead of the Embassy of Health, Marleen van Bergeijk, took the stage. She seized the opportunity for an interactive exercise: How much % of the day do you sit? Here, the audience all briefly stood up from their seats. She then mentioned that the Embassy will continue to build on last year’s theme; health as currency. Next, Creative Lead of the Embassy of Food, Barbara Vos, talked about the new theme of the Embassy: The new clock face for twelve. In The Clock Face for Twelve, the relationship with our food is taken as the starting point for how we should eat. The relationship with the soil, the space that growing food takes up, the time it takes, and the effects on humans and nature are all translated into new scenarios.

Finally, Renske Bouwknegt, Project Lead PONT ad int., talked about ongoing activities of the learning community and some lessons learned so far.

After this, we all crossed Strijp-S for the festive kick-off of the design year 2024 with the broader Dutch Design Foundation community. This was also the official launch of the Call For Entries of Dutch Design Week. Designers can sign up now!

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