Inclusive sport with Gabriel Fontana

Asking new questions. Imagining what the future will look like a hundred years from now. Imagination. Being sure you want to discover. Enabling the change yourself. At the ‘Ch… Ch… Changes’ conference, inspirational words and examples will pass by that set or will set in motion the necessary changes we face. Designer Gabriel Fontana also asks different questions.

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Published on 22 December 2022
Inclusive sport with Gabriel Fontana
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He developed Multiform. “Multiform breaks a boundary within sports. In sports, there is always a team competing against another team. A winner against a loser. For many young people, sport is a hostile environment. You are either good or not good. You have to perform.” Fontana asked the question: how can you make sport more welcoming?

He developed an unconventional form of handball. When the referee blows the whistle, the jersey changes colour and the players change teams. “The tenue is a means of changing perspective. The one who used to be your opponent is now your ally.”

Watch the whole clip here!

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