Embassy of Food now in Evoluon

Good news! You don’t have to wait until DDW to visit the Embassy of Food. The Embassy can already be visited now as part of Next Nature’s overarching exhibition Space Farming, which opened last weekend.

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Published on 25 September 2023
Embassy of Food now in Evoluon
Part of

Space Farming

Next Nature presents ‘Spacefarming: the future of food’. This exhibition explores how we can grow our food differently in the future, or even on other planets. Immerse yourself in an alternative culinary reality and discover the possibilities that lie ahead for our food. Now on show at Evoluon, Eindhoven!

Embassy of Food

The Embassy focuses specifically on the link between what is on your plate and where it comes from. In the middle of a maze of exciting dilemmas drawn by visual storyteller Rogier Klomp, the Embassy of Food offers a place for encounters. This is where designers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, farmers, experts and business leaders come together. Together, we explore how their innovative ideas can change the future of our food. Designers are central here to share their visions and discoveries, allowing us to look beyond the usual boundaries.

Find all information on the Embassy of Food at Dutch Design Week here.

Will we see you there?

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