Looking back on the Embassy of Mobility

At Dutch Design Week, the Embassy of Mobility offered a glimpse of tomorrow’s mobility today. By doing so, we aim to grow public support for tomorrow’s innovations, and to engage with business, industry and government. Because designing new infrastructure, new mobility applications and perhaps even new legislation and regulations demands bold choices. And a different way of thinking, one based on liveability not efficiency. In getting to grips with these topics, the Embassy also centred around debate between experts from various sectors involved in this future vision of mobility.

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Published on 27 November 2019
Part of Embassy of Mobility
Looking back on the Embassy of Mobility
Part of Embassy of Mobility

20 October: official opening Embassy of Mobility

On Sunday 20 October, we officially opened the Embassy of Mobility at Dutch Design Week. Our speakers Martijn Paulen, Hugo Aalders, Magdalena Piotrowska, Cees Brandsen and Monique List-de Roos and moderator Rob Adams were invited to think along different mobility issues on stage.

21 October: individual vs collective

The train is designed as a public transport solution for the collective, the bicycle for the individual. What if we were to challenge this standard? What is still possible individually and what is not?

22 October: nature vs economy

‘Nature is to be found in rural areas and cities keep the economy running.’ We are questioning this mindset. What do we have to do to get rural areas and cities offer both nature and economic chances?

23 October: limited vs unlimited

How can we make mobility solutions accessible for everyone? For people living in areas that are hard to reach, for people with disabilities, so that we can make independent choices that suit us?

24 October: Embassy of Mobility theme conference

The Embassy of Mobility is looking for inspiring solutions for the challenges of the future. This conference played a big part in that. The main goal was to bring mobility issues out into the open. Francine Houben, Carlo van de Wijer, Boyd Cohen and Paul Sanders took the audience into the tension between liveability and mobility.

25 October: liveability vs efficiency

In the morning there was a workshop with the eight grade of elementary school De Wilakkers. Games, statements, collages and crafts clarified the dreams and wishes of eleven year olds about the mobility of the future. In the afternoon the adults got started on this theme. Led by Rick Pijpers (Six Fingers), Iskander Smit (TU Delft), Boyd Cohen (Iomob), Alwin Beermink (Park Strijpbeheer) and Niek Verlaan (municipality of Utrecht) discussed liveability vs efficiency.

The Embassy of Mobility was made possible by Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Rijkswaterstaat, Gemeente Eindhoven, Park Strijp Beheer, Six Fingers and Dutch Design Foundation. Looking for more information about the Embassy of Mobility? Listen to the podcast here.

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