The coffee chain on its way to circularity

Coffee, isn’t that a simple and natural product? Yes, but if you look at the entire chain, you will discover that there are still many challenges on the path to real sustainability for people and the environment. The Beyond coffee exhibition shows how designers take up those challenges and look with great creativity for new paths that lead to a truly circular economy. On display at Yksi Expo at Dutch Design Week  from of October 19 – 27, 2019.  A part of the exhibition can also be seen during the Creativity World Forum from 20-23 October in the Park Theater Eindhoven.

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Published on 24 September 2019
The coffee chain on its way to circularity
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Green beans

More and more trading companies and coffee producers work with ‘green beans’. Quality marks and certifications guarantee a wide range of economic, social and environmental criteria such as a fair price, decent working conditions and an organic way of growing coffee plants. And coffee farmers receive support during cultivation and in their social environment. Fair Trade has recently added another aspect: climate-neutral coffee.

Leasing coffee machines

Coffee producers also make their production environment and processes more sustainable: the building, the machines, and the energy consumption. The Peeze company in Arnhem, a forerunner in this field, is currently working on plans for a new, as circular as possible coffee roasting plant. Coffee machines are also becoming more efficient and sustainable, and you can lease those machines nowadays.

Circular Espresso Machine by Studio Bas Froon
Coffeeground cups by Kaffeeform

Glasses made of coffee grounds

At the same time, companies, designers and start-ups devise and develop innovative concepts and products at various points in the chain. From coffee subscriptions and modular coffee machines to compostable packaging, cups and capsules. Coffee grounds can also be reused in a variety of ways: in soap and hair products, as a basis for the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, as a raw material for shoes, furniture or a cover of a notebook, in jewellery and even for making glasses.

The Beyond Coffee exhibition has been curated by Leonne Cuppen (Yksi Connect) in collaboration with Walter van Hulst and designers Daria Biryukova Aurore Brard. On display at Yksi Expo from July 15 until October 27, 2019.

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