The Homohooligan Protest Scarf is a wearable symbol of strength and solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. The design sparks conversations about identity and equality with phrases like ‘queer is a state of mind,’ ‘gender is a construct,’ and ‘trans rights are human rights.’

‘Homohooligan’ started as a local social design project in collaboration with Tante Netty in Woensel-West. There, instances of homophobia had been reported. To avoid the ‘standard’ rainbow, the soccer scarf was chosen as a new symbol.

In addition to the Protest Scarf, a film was made in collaboration with Tante Netty and local primary school students about and with the LGBTQIA+ community. The project’s message transcended Woensel-West, and Homohooligan quickly grew into a larger movement with a shared message of love for the queer community. Today, there are about a thousand Homohooligans wearing the Protest Scarf or the recently released Protest T-shirt. Join the movement and get your protest scarf via @homo.hooligan on Instagram. Project by: Davy de Lepper

Project by: Davy de Lepper

Type Project
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