Searching for new perspectives on homelessness

Type Project

The negative image of homelessness in the Netherlands influences public views. This hinders constructive policy making regarding homeless people. And this often has negative consequences for the self-image of young people. How can we reframe this issue?

In the design research project Het Beelddepot, journalistic researchers, designers, social scientists, policy makers and experts by experience investigate new ways of visual communication. This exhibition presents the results of this investigation.

Seven participating photographers tried to portray the issue in a more nuanced way. We ask you, as a visitor, the following question: what can we conclude from these photos? Do these images contribute to a better understanding of the daily life of homeless people? Your perspective is essential for the continuation of the research: images play a role in social debate and those debates contribute to new images. We invite you to share your opinion.

About Het Beelddepot

Het Beelddepot is part of het Bouwdepot, a design project by Manon van Hoeckel and Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland. Young homeless people receive €1050 per month for a year to rebuild their lives. The proceeds of Het Beelddepot benefit young homeless people.

Het Beelddepot is a research project conducted by the Lectoraat Journalistiek en Verantwoorde Innovatie of Fontys University of Applied Sciences/School of Journalism, in cooperation with photographers, designers, journalists and experts by experience.

  • Fontys journalism researchers: Danielle Arets, Michiel Bles, Jessy de Cooker, Fleur Hendrickx, Elizabeth Venicz, Nick den Engelsman, Berke Hoogeveen, Ken Moss.
  • External expert: Vera Boonman.
  • Designers: Merel Witteman, Manon van Hoeckel, Floor van der Wal.
  • Illustrator: Daniel Hentschel.
  • Photographers: Desiré van den Berg, Wiosna van Bon, Robin Alysha Clemens, Rick van der Klooster, Dingena Mol, Jan-Joseph Stok.
  • Web and exhibition design: Merel Witteman.
  • Web development: Danny Moons.

Partners of the research project and exhibition include Kansfonds, SZN (Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland), Fontys Centre of Expertise Inclusive Society and Journallab.

Credits: Desiré van den Berg

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