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Roundtable inclusive exhibition design

Type event Talk
Date & Time

22 Oct 2022 - 13:30 - 15:30


At this year’s Dutch Design Week, hosted by Van Abbemuseum, we focus on inclusivity as taking action collectively. The Embassy of Inclusive Society becomes an enacted space for learning and unlearning. Next to an exhibition and emerging interventions, we host a wonderful program of workshops, talks and symposiums. From practical communication skills, and hands-on making, to design methods and approaches. 

While designing an exhibition and programme addressing inclusivity, we can ask: who is included; in what are we included; and to what end are we included? These questions never reach complete answers. It is in the process of asking them again and again, changing or returning to these questions, when relations change. Inclusivity is put into action by making space for questioning and allowing this process to be rich within any set of relationships. It is this repeated unfolding of inclusivity that we hope to fold into the space of the Embassy of Inclusive Society. 

We welcome our guests, participating designers and artists, policymakers and professionals to join us in a conversation about working towards more inclusive cultural spaces. This round table will build on the insights and reflections from the curation and design process of this Embassy, the Van Abbemuseum collection Dwarsverbanden, and the work of Kossmanndejong and AFARAI at Tropenmuseum. How can we include these insights in future exhibitions and festivals like DDW and World Design Embassies? What are the current challenges and urgent questions that we should address collectively?

Join us to kick off this exciting DDW in line with the Embassy’s approach –  through open dialogue and critical reflection while also celebrating the work that has been done.

13.00 – Doors open
13.30 – Welcome
13.40 – Roundtable talk with Setareh Noorani (designer of Embassy of Inclusive Society, in a collective effort with Jelmer Teunissen and graphic design studio The Anderen), Steven ten Thije (curator Van Abbemusuem), Martijn Paulen (director Dutch Design Foundation), Shay Raviv (curator Embassy of Inclusive Society) and Femke Bijlsma (partner Kossmanndejong)
15.15 – Closure 

Afterwards, there are drinks at museum cafe Karel-1.

The entrance to the Embassy at Van Abbemuseum is via Stratumsedijk 2. Our host will welcome you at the pink pavilion. Admission for both the opening and the Embassy is free. Please do sign up via the “public” button. This talk will be in English.

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