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Inclusively wired

What do we need to see the talents and qualities of people with a neurodiverse brain? How can neurodiverse people identify their talents? How can we – as a society – nourish these talents? Are we able to look beyond labels, and embrace neurodiversity as a game changer? Despite our aim for an inclusive society, we still see neurodiversity as different, or deviant, often labelling it as a mental illness. A label provides a form of interpretation, it gives us guidance and organisation. When we talk about dyslexia, giftedness, ADHD, autism or dyscalculia, the label enables us to identify certain behaviours. With the risk of losing sight of the person. This leaves people with a neurodiverse brain, especially youngsters and young adults, with a strong sense of feeling different or feeling left out.

In our educational system, in individual coaching and counselling, there is growing attention to an inclusive approach and the development of talents. Also, civic society is contributing actively toward this inclusive approach. Inclusively wired aims to bring these initiatives and activities together, to gather and learn, and engage in an inclusive society with a self-evident place for people with neurodiverse brains.

This workshop is twofold: a reflective part where participants share insights and learnings and a constructive part where participants formulate the next steps towards activities for the coming future.

Type event Workshop
Date & Time

23 Oct 2022 - 11:00 - 13:30

Location Van Abbemuseum
Stratumsedijk 2
5611 ND Eindhoven
Inclusively wired

This session is part of the program Inclusively wired, initiated by iDROPS. It brings together designers, theatre makers, people with lived experience, educational innovators, teachers and healthcare professionals. From the shared ambition to embrace neurodiversity as a talent (not as a label). In this programme, we engage in creativity and design practices to stimulate talent development within neurodiverse people, and to transform education and healthcare services. iDROPS and Studio Junctuur have set up a collaboration to connect initiatives in Belgium and The Netherlands. This session is a follow-up session to the talk at Design Fest Gent (April 24th) and the Summer school (July 11-15th).



Van Abbemuseum
Stratumsedijk 2
5611 ND Eindhoven

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