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Embassy of Inclusive Society conference

In light of increasing fragmentation, polarisation and demographic changes, inclusion is more urgent than ever. Although inclusivity is widely discussed in various contexts today, it remains a complex, sensitive and sometimes abstract topic. To navigate the complex landscape of inclusivity, design can provide us with a compass, a map, walking shoes and, above all, rear-view mirrors to search for our blind spots.

Type event Conference
Date & Time

27 Oct 2022 - 13:30 - 16:00

Embassy of Inclusive Society conference

Organisations, companies, institutions, communities and individuals face challenges in identifying and making explicit shortcomings and how we want to work together to grow. How can we create spaces, processes and policies to enable continuous collective action towards an inclusive society? What does it mean to learn as an organisation? What does it take to unlearn? And can design help us be better prepared to live with each other’s differences and unexpected situations?

In this conference, Embassy aims to create space for the process of learning and unlearning, with inspiring design stories, personal reflections, collective exercises and a panel discussion. Speakers include architect Lyongo Juliana, Studio Smelt, artist Marcin Karwiński and leading experts from healthcare and research institutions. Designer and journalist Yassine Salihine will moderate the conversation, in collaboration with Embassy curator Shay Raviv.


13.30 hrs   Walk-in
14.00 hrs   Welcome & context of Embassy of Inclusive Society
14.15 hrs    Design perspectives on inclusion
15.00 hrs   Joint (de)learning
15.15 hrs    Diving deep – from individual (dis)learning to institutional (dis)learning
16.00 hrs   Reflection poem
16.15 hrs    Networking drinks


Van Abbemuseum
Stratumsedijk 2
5611 ND Eindhoven

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