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Design Beyond Vision

In this workshop, the visually impaired audience and designers will share their desires about how they want to experience exhibitions. It is a connection between visual and non-visual perceptions of art. In groups, they will investigate and make it insightful. It can teach us a lot about equality. Exhibitions and collections are often presented visually and therefore make them unavailable to people with, for example, a visual impairment. It also appears that sound, temperature, comprehensibility and physical accessibility are essential for all visitors. Can the visual and non-visual worlds come together and devise a solution for everyone?

The workshop is part of the Design Beyond Vision project in which Boey Wang and Simon Dogger want to shift the art and design field from exclusive to inclusive. It is primarily interesting for people with visual impairments, designers, and designers to be, but everyone is welcome to join.

This workshop is held in English.

Type event Workshop
Date & Time

25 Oct 2022 - 10:00 - 12:00

Location Van Abbemuseum
Stratumsedijk 2
5611 ND Eindhoven
Design Beyond Vision

Photo: Boudewijn Bollmann


Van Abbemuseum
Stratumsedijk 2
5611 ND Eindhoven

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