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Beelddepot, better perspective on homelessness

In a conversation with press photographers, journalistic researchers from Fontys School of Journalism, designers and people with lived experiences on homelessness, we explore how to better represent the issues surrounding homelessness and why this is important.

We will start this workshop with a dialogue between journalist Michiel Bles (curator of Beelddepot), photographers Desiré van den Berg and Jan-Joseph Stok, and their subjects, Halima and Youri. Then we will have a conversation about the importance of representation with Danielle Arets (reader in journalism Fontys), Manon van Hoeckel (social designer and designer of the Bouwdepot) and Michiel Bles (curator of Beelddepot), moderated by journalist Stuart Acker Holt. We conclude with an interactive session with the Journalism Dilemma game in which we discuss dilemmas around image creation and representation, led by Fleur Hendrickx (researcher and journalist).

Type event Workshop
Date & Time

24 Oct 2022 - 14:00 - 16:00

Beelddepot, better perspective on homelessness

Image credit: Jan-Joseph Stok

The session is interesting for (press)photographers, designers, journalists and everyone with an interest in images and representation. It will be held in English.

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