5x projects that contribute to the social transition

A new horizontal and decentralised social fabric that respects differences and equal rights. That is the aim of the social transition. No cumbersome and rigid social institutions. But rather a world in which passionate citizens, business leaders, and social and economic entrepreneurs exercise power from the bottom up. A world in which the central question is: how do we live well together? A number of projects that contribute to this social transition will be on display at Dutch Design Week 2023 (DDW23).

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Published on 10 October 2023
5x projects that contribute to the social transition
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Gabriel Fontana - Fluid Field

Gabriel Fontana – Fluid Field

Social Designer and researcher Gabriel Fontana sees (team) sports as a metaphor and model for society as a whole. For him, sport is an eminently normative and often exclusive domain. There are gender-specific rules for behaviour and appearance. Furthermore, not all bodies can participate in every sport, says Fontana. He observed how social norms are propagated, internalised and reproduced in sports education and decided to investigate and reshape this practice. Take sports fields, for example. Standard sports fields are primarily intended for bodies of people who identify as either male or female, for either adults or children, or for people either with or without physical disabilities. With Fluid Field, Fontana designed a game in which the field grows and shrinks into countless shapes. Players must always adapt to a situation that is constantly changing. 

This project can be found in the exhibition of the Embassy of Inclusive Society in the Van Abbemuseum.

Floor Hofman – You Are in My Story

Documentary filmmaker Floor Hofman co-creates with different cultural and social groups to tell stories. The stories are small and personal and shed light on what seems mundane and is therefore often overlooked. At the same time, they address larger socio-cultural themes. As part of an artist-in-residence program, documentarian Floor Hofman spent a number of months in a close-knit community for people with developmental delays. Hofman gave the residents cameras, with which they could capture moments in their daily lives. She also conducted interviews with residents, parents and caregivers to gather different perspectives. This gave her more insight into the meaning of the residents’ recorded moments. The documentary ‘You Are in My Story’ shows how Hofman’s expectations, and those of the caregivers and parents, changed. It also shows images filmed by the residents themselves. The recordings invite viewers into a world where vulnerability and resilience intersect.

This project can be seen in the exhibition of the Embassy of Inclusive Society in the Van Abbemuseum.

Davy De Lepper - Homohooligan

Davy de Lepper – Homohooligan

The Homohooligan Protest Scarf is a wearable symbol of strength and solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. The design is a conversation starter about identity and equality, with phrases such as ‘queer is a state of mind’, ‘gender is a construct’ and ‘trans rights are human rights’. Davy de Lepper started the local social design project in collaboration with Tante Netty in the Woensel-West district of Eindhoven, where multiple cases of homophobia had been reported. De Lepper chose the football scarf as an alternative symbol to the ‘standard’ rainbow. As a versatile creator, De Lepper specialises in branding, visual communication and educational design. He creates compelling brand stories. In addition to the Protest Scarf, De Lepper, together with Tante Netty and students from the local primary school, made a film about and with the LGBTQIA+ community. The message of the project transcended Woensel-West: Homohooligan soon grew into a larger counter-movement with a shared message of love for the queer community.

This project can be found in the exhibition of the Embassy of Inclusive Society in the Van Abbemuseum. The scarf is also for sale in the museum shop.

Dirk-Jan Visser and Gus Drake РNew Horizon Initiative 

What would a landscape look like if non-human life such as plants, animals and insects were in charge? How does a bee see the landscape? What is the perspective of a tree? How does the Montagu’s Harrier, an endangered bird species with a special bond with Dutch fields, see the world? How can these perspectives, the concerns of non-human life, help make leaders aware that they are responsible for all life forms in their organisational decision-making? In the New Horizon Initiative project, Dirk-Jan Visser, a documentary photographer with a managerial background, and artist Gus Drake investigate the relationship between people and non-human entities and their interests in a landscape. They analyse and visualise these interests using artificial intelligence to advocate for inclusive decision-making. They provide policymakers with greater insight into the importance of non-human life in relation to the political and administrative agenda. With the Embassy of Food, Visser and Drake map out what Dutch agriculture would look like through the eyes of different plants and animals.

This project can be found in the exhibition of the Embassy of Food in the Evoluon in Eindhoven.

Jorrit van der Heide – Stadsvisioenen

Stadsvisioenen (‘City Visions’) focuses on the need for a new approach to how we give shape and value to our living environment. The project is a response to a society in which the opinions of experts and policymakers guide the development of the city. Stadsvisioenen recognises the growing importance of residents’ input in shaping their own living environment. It allows residents to discover, share and discuss their opinions and ideas about the city. Using artificial intelligence, Stadsvisioenen creates fictional stories of the future, creating a richer, more inclusive dialogue about urban development. The project helps you imagine a way of life that benefits both people and the planet.

This project can be found in the exhibition of the Embassy of Mobility in DONNA.

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