Rider of the Apocalypse – Atelier Van Lieshout

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Rider of the Apocalypse – Atelier Van Lieshout
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Rider of the Apocalypse - credits: Atelier van Lieshout


Every age has its own doomsday imagery to evoke fear and uncertainty. Atelier Van Lieshout describes the Apocalypse as the “ultimate experience”. This herald of the end shows his open palms, as if to say: I have no tricks up my sleeve, this is it. At the same time, that dreadful realisation is put into perspective by the purely aesthetic consideration of omitting a hind leg of the hellhound.

However hopeful this labyrinth may be, and despite telling a story of choice and responsibility, we cannot close our eyes to the grim prospect of uncertainty. Will humanity be able to organise itself in time to take a positive turn? Seldom in history has visualising change been more important.

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