Safety by World Design Embassies

The World Design Embassies connects designers with companies and stakeholders to look at the challenges we face as a society in a quickly-changing world, and the role design can play. In this episode: Safety and resilience expert Hans Boutellier and curator Tabo Goudswaard talk about how our ideas of safety have changed over time and the challenges we face now, including how organized crime undermines our daily lives, and how exposing how hard drugs are manufactured can change our moral ambiguity about taking them.

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Date 17 October 2019
Safety by World Design Embassies

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Come join us during Dutch Design Week, when the Embassies take on a physical form – in exhibitions, lectures, discussions and workshops – so that ideas, expertise and insight can be shared, with experts but also with the general public. October 19-27, 2019 in Eindhoven.

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