Cross-generational thinking with Verveeld & Verward

Asking new questions. Imagining what the future will look like a hundred years from now. Imagination. Being sure you want to discover. Enabling the change yourself. During the ‘Ch… Ch… Changes’ conference, inspiring words and examples that set or will set in motion the necessary changes we are facing were heard. For instance, design studio Verveeld & Verward spoke about thinking across generations.

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Published on 19 December 2022
Cross-generational thinking with Verveeld & Verward
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What kind of future do we want? That is a question designers Dorine Baars and Jonas Martens of design studio Verveeld & Verward are asking. Averse to short-term thinking, within their project Design For Generations they collect projects, ideas, ideologies, and concepts that embed long-term thinking.

Watch the excerpt from the conference here!

Curious about the whole conference?

Watch the full stream here!
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