During Dutch Design Week, the World Design Embassies present a daily talk show featuring Chief Government Architect Floris Alkemade as our special guest. This year, he developed a vision for the Embassies based on his new essay ‘The Future of the Netherlands. The art of changing direction.’

Every day, we will discuss a specific theme focusing on our surroundings and highlighting the imaginative powers of designers. Jorn Konijn, DDW Head of Program, talks with Floris Alkemade and guests about 5 themes that are now more urgent than ever.

The shows can be watched on DDW TV every day from 16.30 to 17.00.  

  • Monday 19 October: Energy transition – The power of imagination
  • Tuesday 20 October: Security – The role of design and technology
  • Wednesday 21 October: Housing assignment – More flexible and sustainable construction
  • Thursday 22 October: Isolation – Towards an inclusive society
  • Friday 23 October: Mobility – Transforming the built environment

Looking for some inspiration?

Earlier this year, we met with Floris Alkemade in Pakhuis de Zwijger to discuss his vision for the future. Watch the virtual talk of June 18.

Het Labyrint by Overtreders W

The Labyrinth

We are in uncharted territory. Major changes are coming our way: climate change, the decline in biodiversity, the sustainability of agriculture and housing, the depletion of raw materials, an aging population and loneliness. 

The question is which path we should take to avoid impending catastrophes. We feel around to find our way as though in a labyrinth. Are we making progress, should we take a left or double back?

This doubt is exciting as we manage to think about this as an opportunity to break new ground. How can we, uncertain about our chosen directions, take pleasure in changing our course – in case we get stuck again? How can we turn these inevitable challenges into an opportunity to structurally improve our country?

Changing is an art in itself. To start with, we need imagination and new stories. Stories that evoke a desire for change.

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Partners of The art of changing direction

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