Fit and Healthy on Prescription

How can the shift of basic healthcare from the hospital to the neighbourhood improve the quality of life?

Type Project
Fit and Healthy on Prescription
“We know what’s good for us, but looking after ourselves doesn’t come naturally.”

In the future we will grow to rely on care provided close to home. While more complex care will concentrate in hospitals, basic care will relocate to the neighbourhood. Máxima MC hospital and Trudo housing association joined forces to explore strategies for a healthy and fit lifestyle in and around the home. A unique alliance that brings together residents and designers to create interventions that can enhance the quality of life. This encompasses not only the way we care for ourselves and one another, but also the way we live, our social and economic situation, and our relationship with our immediate surroundings.

Video in Dutch only.

Commissioned by: Máxima MC and Trudo
Concept and design: Collectief Pluis & Junctuur
Image direction and edit: Rogier van der Zwaag
Voice over: Nick Sondern
Audio: Rob Peters
Drone pilot: Frans Janssen

Thanks to all extras.

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