This is not a drill

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This is not a drill

Crime committed by children and young adults has been falling for years. However, incidents involving knives seem to buck the trend – these have increased over the past year. At the root of these incidents is often a conflict exacerbated by online peer pressure experienced on social media, which could be seen as the catalyst of this crime.

As social media has made violent content much more easily accessible, this has resulted in a culture of fear that normalises violence. In order to feel safe, vulnerable young people often carry a knife with them.

To improve oversight of the online world in Amsterdam Zuidoost, the City of Amsterdam wants to start a small-scale pilot and form an ‘Online Basis Team’: a team of youth workers, street coaches, Youth & Safety project leaders from the city council, as well as police officers and digital community officers.In the Embassy Lab New Cohort, the City of Amsterdam and design agency Greenberry set to work on the question: How can the Online Basis Team quickly (and legally) gain a better understanding of the online world of young people?

Design agency Greenberry brought all stakeholders together in a co-design process. After an extensive research phase that involved interviews with stakeholders and experts, a solution was developed in co-creation with the future Online Basis Team. This solution is called LookBack, an interactive tool that encourages members of the Online Basis Team to collaborate. 

LookBack enables the Online Basis Team to collaborate in mapping out an incident retrospectively, with all members of the team coming together and contributing relevant information and digital content. The tool helps them to put this content in a timeline, in order to see the bigger picture. Working in this way also helps to encourage closer collaboration between all stakeholders. 

During Dutch Design Week 2022, LookBack will be on display at the Embassy of Safety exhibition. Visitors can experience what it’s like to be an Online Basis Team member in the installation called ‘This is not a drill’, where they’ll be shown online content and will need to determine whether it’s related to a violent incident.

The participating designer is Greenberry collab. Gemeente Amsterdam

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