The Feeling of Otherness – Lydienne Albertoe

How do you explain to someone what it feels like to be “the other one”? The Feeling of Otherness is a “comic scene” on the history of Dutch slavery, daily racism and its effect on society.

Type Project
The Feeling of Otherness – Lydienne Albertoe

The project is a conversation starter to create awareness. Because Lydienne Albertoe can’t escape her own skin colour, she created an installation to confront people with an inescapable conversation about racism. The attitude of white Dutch people towards people of colour has been strongly influenced by a racist system dating from colonial times; when racism wasn’t yet perceived as racism. If they were not portrayed in a jolly, stupid or submissive way, non-Western people and people of colour were seen as inferior, ugly or scary. This is reflected in the children’s books such as “Tintin in Africa”, “Oki and Doki with the Negroes”, “ten little niggers or “The Big Negro Book full of entertaining and funny fairy tales, fables and verses”.

The Feeling of Otherness - Lydienne Albertoe - credits: Jaap Beyleveld
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