Redesigning Psychiatry

“What surprised me enormously is that designers appear to be able to design future human interactions,” says psychiatrist and philosopher Gerrit Glas, who is involved in Redesigning Psychiatry as a scientific advisor.

Type Project
Redesigning Psychiatry
In this innovation network, designers, philosophers, scientists and experts by experience are working together with a number of innovative organisations to develop a future vision for mental healthcare (GGZ) in 2030.” Together, we think about what the interaction between people in need of help and care providers should look like in the future. Designers not only help to envision the future, but can also design the road to take.”
Redesigning Psychiatry, an initiative of Reframing Studio together with others, aims to drive the transition to a reliable, accessible and flexible mental health care network. The basic idea behind Redesigning Psychiatry is that it is the complex interactions within people, between people and between people and their environment that cause people to get stuck. This calls for a new approach to mental healthcare, which the designers help to create.

Gerrit Glas: “In Redesigning Psychiatry clinicians, philosophers, and designers work together to create a new approach to mental health care in the Netherlands.”


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