Co-emerging intelligence: re-imagining AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to become an increasingly important enabler of a healthy society. Already today, artificial intelligence is assisting medical professionals with creating diagnoses, identifying tumor or planning for treatment, but in the future many more applications are thinkable. Not just within the hospital but most likely also at home.

Type Project
Co-emerging intelligence: re-imagining AI

To investigate questions that arise, during a five day workshop organised by Philips Experience Design, students from ArtEZ Arnhem and the UT Twente developed eight speculative scenarios about life with artificial intelligence, represented as YouTube reviews. These videos consciously avoid the well-known doom scenario’s from Hollywood in which humans are overruled by machines, but also the sterile corporate futures in which flawless technologies seamlessly integrate with our lives for the better. Instead they present us with a possible future mundane in which life with artificially intelligent healthcare solutions can be sometimes useful or even exciting, but equally prone to failure and unexpected consequences.

What do you think? Are you excited about a future with AI or do you think it would be best avoided? View all videos, like, subscribe and leave a comment.

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