One Minute Futures: Immuno Calibration

What if technology helped us to live in harmony with essential micro-organisms?

Type Project
One Minute Futures: Immuno Calibration

In a future society, people aspire to a life in harmony with essential micro-organisms. Due to ‘targeted cleaning’, the use of disinfectants, pesticides and antibiotics has been drastically reduced, and good bacteria are no longer washed away. Access to spaces, equipment and food is carefully controlled by ubiquitous scanners to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. This is one of the short videos in which students of ArtEZ Arnhem, at the invitation of Philips Experience Design, reflect on the possible implications of advancing healthcare technology. The project starting point is the ‘co-emerging futures’ research model that Reon Brand developed for Philips Design. Each scenario responds to a ‘probe’ from an earlier exhibition: how desirable is the next step?

Design: Maartje Faber, Bart Hassink, Jueun Seo and Manali Warwandkar (ArtEZ)
In collaboration with: Philips Experience Design, Frank Kolkman and Daan van Dijk
Adapted from: ‘Scan Instead of Wash’ (2019) by Jessie Harms (TU/e), Sina Gebrodt, Emma Lijdsman, Shen Yichen and Noam Youngrak Son (DAE)

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