One Minute Futures: Common Health

What if technology helped us to make regular exercise obligatory as a way of easing pressure on the healthcare system?

Type Project
One Minute Futures: Common Health

‘Common Health’ presents a future scenario in which the office fuses with the swimming pool. To ensure that everybody has a chance of living a healthy life, an interface organizes a system whereby everybody can swim lengths while at work. This is one of the short videos in which students of ArtEZ Arnhem, at the invitation of Philips Experience Design, reflect on the possible implications of advancing healthcare technology. The project starting point is the ‘co-emerging futures’ research model that Reon Brand developed for Philips Design. Each scenario responds to a ‘probe’ from an earlier exhibition: how desirable is the next step?

Design: Finn Bekkering, Yuanyuan Fu, Boudewijn Noordhuis, Puck Schotel and Puck Wacki (ArtEZ)
In collaboration with: Philips Experience Design, Frank Kolkman and Daan van Dijk
Adapted from: ‘Low-impact fitness’ (2018) by Jordy Alblas (TU/e), Jade Badra, Jip Geven and Arisha Isaeva (DAE)

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