Sport often increases contradictions, leads to conflict and differentiation, but can it also fraternize, ensure social cohesion and promote integration?

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Multiform by Gabriel Fontana Multiform by Gabriel Fontana
“I am questioning traditional values within groups.”
— Gabriel Fontana

What is your position in a group? When was the last time you found yourself among the minority? And are you able to put yourself in someone else’s position? Gabriel Fontana took a regular gym class at school as the starting point for his study of group dynamics. With ‘Multiform’ he investigates the competitive and normative dimensions of team sport and presents a more social alternative. Every time the referee blows the whistle, the kits change colour and the players switch team. Dark blue becomes light blue, white becomes dark blue – at least for a while. The more often the whistle sounds, the most diverse the mix. Do you still know which side you are on and who your allies are? ‘Multiform’ stimulates discussion about diversity and inclusion through an unconventional game of handball.

Design: Gabriel Fontana
In collaboration with: Nathanja van den Heuvel, OBS Dakpark, Het Lyceum Rotterdam and Afrikaanderwijk Coöperatief

Picture: Iris Rijskamp

Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL,
Citylab010 and De Wasserij.

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