Modulair Cactus Façade Element

Eva Broekhuijse created a biomimicry façade element, inspired by the adaptability of succulents and cacti.

Due to climate change we are experiencing more heat and warm nights. In petrified environments such as cities, the environment heats up faster. Stone jungles cannot lose their heat in the summer and heat stress can cause health problems. There is not enough greenery in the city to allow the warm façades to cool down properly. Eva Broekhuijse came up with something and designed the Cactus shadow façade element. The queen of the heat, the cactus, is so well adapted to its environment that it makes its own shade. The rounded, ribbed surface of the plants provides shade, enabling them to partially keep themselves cool. Between the ribs of the cactus it is a lot cooler than at the end of it. She applies this shadow principle in the façade element.

The Cactus shade façade element is a modular system that can easily be attached to your home yourself. We can turn existing façades into a green shadow façade in no time by using these cactus elements. This way you create natural air conditioning in the city yourself. Lady Penelope is also researching suitable plants to make the façade greener. One of the newest solutions is the use of the Sempervivum plant. This extremely strong plant can withstand cold, heat and drought. The first measurement results show a big difference in the heating of the façade.

More about Cactus shadow façade element.

Type Project
Modulair Cactus Façade Element
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