Medical Metro Lines

How to ensure that complex courses of treatment are comprehensible to all healthcare providers and patients?

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Medical Metro Lines

Many healthcare providers are often involved in treating a patient. This can lead to misunderstandings and even mistakes. To prevent such occurrences, design office Panton, together with a number of hospitals, developed the ‘Medical Metro Lines’. It maps the whole treatment path and the responsibilities of all involved. The red line travelled by the patient passes a number of stations, each staffed by a different care provider. The treatment can be made safer and more efficient if tasks, controls and information transfer at each stop along the route are recorded in the ‘metro timetable’. The network has grown since the success of the first metro line for the perioperative process in 2011. The continued development is occurring in collaboration with the VVCZ, the Dutch association for safe curative care, with which sixteen hospitals are already affiliated.

Video in Dutch only.

“Our most recent design for a ‘Medical Metro Line’ shows the journey of COVID patients.”
— Mario de Zeeuw, Panton

Design: Panton
In collaboration with: VVCZ
More information: VVCZ

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