Manifesto Chronic Health

“In the current medical system, people with chronic conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease are mainly treated as patients,” says Esther Talboom-Kamp, Chief Innovation Officer at an international group of medical laboratories.

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Manifesto Chronic Health

“By giving this growing group of people more responsibility for their own health, they will gain more control over their illness. Digital solutions can help with that. Technology can offer people more freedom and autonomy.”

To get this idea accepted by society, Talboom co-wrote the Manifesto Chronic Health, an initiative by Sabine Wildevuur of DesignLab, University of Twente. She brought together a group of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, politicians, architects, students, doctors and researchers. Together, they came up with eight basic principles for the development of eHealth applications that can help people with chronic conditions to live as healthy and happy as possible. For instance, it is crucial that the people concerned are closely involved in the design of interventions according to the principles of citizen science.

Esther Talboom-Kamp: “In health care we have to start seeing people with a chronic illness as equal conversation partners, to whom we provide the resources to live with their illness.”

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