Magic Tea

Can everyday actions by adding technology contribute positively to our psychological well-being by changing the rituals surrounding them?

Type Project
Magic Tea
“With Magic Tea you experience another perspective on yourself and the world.”
— Danielle Roberts, Awareness Lab

You can put on a kettle for a quick cuppa between activities, but there’s another possibility. This interactive tea installation calls for attention and calmness, and turns a simple chore into a meditative moment. The water gurgles, the balls of oolong tea slowly unfold, and the play of light and water acquires a magical cadence. The design slows down the process, lending it a natural rhythm. Danielle Roberts uses biometric data to bridge the gap between the everyday and the transcendental. ‘Magic Tea’ toys with our awareness: where do you end and where does the cuppa begin? Relax, experience another way of being and feel better.

Video in Dutch only.

Design: Awareness Lab
Made possible by: Avans University of Applied Sciences, Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology (CARADT)

Video: Taco Arts

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