Land & Hand

“Before I was not very concerned with my surroundings. Land & Hand has made me much more aware of it.” Tammy Visser, a student at Clusius College, looks at the landscape and land around her with completely different eyes as a result of her participation in setting up an indigenous herbs and vegetable garden in North Holland.

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Land & Hand

That is precisely the aim of Land & Hand, a project by Ketter&Co that draws attention to the relationships between landscape, available materials and craftsmanship. That relationship used to be strong, but under the influence of industrialisation and globalisation landscape, materials and craftsmanship have become less related. “Because of the climate crisis we have to think differently about how we treat the landscape around us,” says Jan Melis of Ketter&Co.

Land & Hand brings together MBO students, designers, governments and relevant partners in projects that explore the potential of the landscape. Peat for example offers opportunities for the development of new wellness products in Drenthe. All projects come together in a digital ‘Map of the Netherlands’.

Land & Hand - credits: KETTER&Co

Tammy Visser:

“This project has shown me how important the environment is. Now I pay much more attention to what I buy and eat.”

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