LABS – Future Interiors

A healthy climate is also vital indoors. How to achieve that in a sustainable manner?

Type Project
LABS – Future Interiors
“We want to bring the built world into sync with nature with LABS.”
— Samira Boon

Kombucha is catching on in cafés, but this trendy drink made of fermented tea and sugar can be more. Together with the VU and Waag Society, Studio Samina Boon is studying how the layer of bacteria that grows on the surface can be deployed to create a sustainable, breathing interior. They are growing a type of textile – Kombutex – that acts as a fertile breeding ground for vegetation such as mosses and other small plants. If used as a wall covering, it provides a natural alternative to mechanical ventilation. Depending on the growing period, the result varies from a thin, transparent filter to a thick leathery material, which is still completely biodegradable. ‘LABS’ stands for Living Aero Bacterial Systems; walls of living organisms that turn our interiors into part of the ecosystem.

Design: Studio Samira Boon
In collaboration with: HybridFormsLab by Raoul Frese / Biophysics of Photosynthesis VU Amsterdam and WAAG

Video: Robbie Redactie

Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.

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