INdirect INvisible WATER

‘Direct water’ is the water that everyone in and around the house is washing every day: when showering and flushing the toilet. This water is extracted in the Netherlands and its consumption is visible and measurable. ‘Indirect water’, on the other hand, is invisible for us. You consume it as a consumer of products during the production cycle requires water. These are products that usually come from outside the Netherlands. For example, the production of 1 kilo of chocolate requires more than 17,000 liters of water. The average Dutch person has a large water footprint and almost twice as much water as the world citizen.

The installation INdirect INvisible WATER, the Water School aims to increase water awareness, especially when it comes to our indirect water use.

During this year’s Dutch Design Week, the makers of the installation, Studio Corvers and Carla Herrewijnen, will give several workshops at the Embassy of Water. Participants can measure their personal water footprint, analyse which type of water they really use and discuss the different action perspectives with the makers.

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INdirect INvisible WATER
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