HWL (Health / Water / Light)

“It’s 2034 and today we arrange healthcare very differently than we did ten years ago,” says Ephrem, residential staff member at the Community Health Hub Trudo/MMC in the ‘VitaalGezond’ neighbourhood.

Type Project
HWL (Health / Water / Light)

“It had to change. Now every resident in the neighbourhood has health insurance and a VitaalGezond neighbourhood contract. In this community, you live on average ten years longer in good health. We keep track of whether you are still within the limits of your contract. If not, you may have to leave the community. Those who make an extra effort for health in the neighbourhood receive a discount on their HWL bill. At the Community Health Hub, we’re happy to help you with tailored health advice.”

This tantalising look into the future was developed by Studio Marleen van Bergeijk & Studio SociaalCentraal on behalf of housing corporation Trudo and the Máxima MC in Veldhoven/Eindhoven. Since 2020, these organisations have been exploring the possibilities of linking medical knowledge to the expertise and infrastructure of the housing association. Through research and speculative scenarios such as the above, they want to contribute in an innovative way to the vitality and health of the inhabitants of the Brainport region.

Ephrem Davids: “In the ‘VitaalGezond’ neighbourhood inhabitants live in an environment of which health is the end goal, norm and joint responsibility. Together we take care to ensure an optimal health by putting sensors in the house and putting social systems in the neighbourhood.”

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