Grandmom Mom

What if, as a woman of childbearing age, you no longer have to interrupt your career for a pregnancy?

Type Project
Grandmom Mom
Grandmom Mom by Kuang-Yi Ku Grandmom Mom by Kuang-Yi Ku
“A futuristic scenario that also examines the complexity of parent-child relationships.”
— Kuang-Yi Ku

It’s already happening: mothers assume the role of surrogate mother for their daughters and bear their own grandchildren. The ‘Grandmom Mom’ project goes a step further in exploring the ethical limits of modern reproduction techniques. With the founding of the International Geriatric Pregnancy Centre, Kuang-Yi Ku creates a whole institute for retired women whose wombs are rejuvenated in order the produce offspring for their daughters. That solves the dilemma faced by women at childbearing age of choosing between children and a career. Both are possible in this way, which is good for the economy and for emancipation on the job market. Not only that, but your mother finds a useful way to spend her retirement. The only question is whether this is something we want.

Design: Kuang-Yi Ku
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