A Fitting Farewell

How can we reinterpret the rituals surrounding death in an innovative way, especially now that there is such a need to do so?

Type Project
A Fitting Farewell
“Innovating in times of crisis also means reflecting together.”

In recent months many people have had to bid farewell to loved ones – under time constraints, far away, not knowing what lay in store. Family and nursing staff set out to find a new form of intimacy unaffected by hermetically sealed clothing and controls – contact by means of an object, a monitor, a candle. TU Delft, Maasstad Hospital and U CREATE brought the insights from this bizarre period together in a ‘die peacefully journey’. In this project, spiritual counsellor Derisee van der Heijden and industrial designer Marieke Sonneveld reflect on three works from the exhibition (Re)design Death. Can they form the starting point for the design of new rituals of departure for patients, family members and nursing staff?

Video in Dutch only.

Project by: TU Delft, Maasstad Ziekenhuis en U CREATE
Thanks to Cube Design Museum, exhibition ‘(Re)design Death’, ‘My Last Sound’ by Yoko Sen, ‘End of Life Care Machine’ by Dan Chen and ‘Outrospectre’ by Frank Kolkman and Juuke Schoorl

Video: Taco Arts

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