Bolan is Marieke’s assistance dog. Once in a while she wants to reward him with a biscuit. But that is difficult, because Marieke is in a wheelchair and has a limited hand and arm functionality. Mechatronics students Ray and Jelmer came up with an electronic biscuit dispenser for her.



Type Project

“It’s very frustrating when you want to reward your dog for something he does well and you can’t”, says Marieke.

The biscuit dispenser is one of the many solutions that have been created in the ‘FysiekFabriek’. ‘FysiekFabriek’ is an initiative of designers Aurore Brard and Lotte de Haan. They bring people with a physical disability, clients of housing organisation Fokus, in contact with designers and makers to jointly develop new practical tools. These people themselves know best what they need. And that is the strength of this project.

For the next three years, the FysiekFabriek project is expected to receive support from the municipality to realise around 18 new aids. This is partly thanks to the efforts of Marieke herself, who is also a candidate for the Eindhoven city council.

Marieke: “The best outcome would be if other people could make use of our invention.”

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