Farm Well, a story about farm life today


“The mentality among farmers, certainly in West Flanders, is that when in trouble you just work harder. Asking for help is often seen as failure”, says Lut. Together with her husband, she runs a dairy farm near Maldegem.

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Farm Well, a story about farm life today

Lut experienced from close by what that mentality can lead to: her brother who had taken over their parents’ farm, ended his life at the end of 2016. “It still affects me. But I try to tell others, so that everyone can learn that you have to deal with a problem. Don’t let it grow.”

Lut talks about it with farmers as part of the EU-project FARMWELL. This project investigates how the mental, physical and social well-being of farmers can be improved. To raise awareness about this, storytellers New Heroes developed together with Fullframe ‘Farm Well’, an international animation film and toolkit. It tells the underexposed story of the difficulties that many farmers struggle with, with the intention of making them open for discussion.

Lut D’Hondt: “Farmers must learn to identify and tackle their problems instead of avoiding them.”




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