A carpet which visualizes the consequences of drought in The Netherlands. Designed by Studio Liselot Cobelens.

The Dutch landscape is associated with large amounts of water, splashing ducks, green linear grass fields, grazing cows, dikes, many canals and of course windmills. It becomes hard to imagine that a silent and slow dehydration is taking place. Even locals are not yet aware of this silent killer known as a ‘drought’. The story of desiccation is a tricky one because the interests of different parties are diverse.

With Dryland, Studio Liselot Cobelens investigated how dehydration arose in the Netherlands. Four consequences are translated into an impressive wool carpet and installation. This carpet consists of eight different colour combinations that mimic a grass landscape.

For Possible Landscape De Peel, Cobelens made a modified variant of Dryland. It visualizes the field of tension between, among other things, nature reserves, agriculture and residential areas in the Deurnese Peel.

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