Adaptive as Water

What is the benefit of viewing social challenges from another perspective?

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Adaptive as Water
“We talk to care professionals, but also to young people, seniors, designers and business people.”
— Marieke Rietbergen, Design Innovation Group

If you view care provision from a totally different perspective, does that generate new insights for change and innovation? Design Innovation Group (DIG) started to gradually ‘reframe’ the bottlenecks in care provision for the elderly with various groups and from various angles, and used a surprising analogy in the process. It turned out that comparing our health care system with something completely different — the way we deal with water — helped those involved break free of gridlocked ideas. Water is a liquid, flowing and changing constantly, and people are prepared to adapt to it. Looking at the care sector with the framework of water in mind changes the way we think and creates openings for new solutions.

Video in Dutch only.

From the frame of water, Inge Kruit also researched water management and the possibilities of applying the analogy of water management to our care system. Kruit is a health law lawyer at d’Ruit and a Crossover Creativity student at the HKU. In September 2019 she started with a thinking model to ‘disorganize’ healthcare and make it flow like water again. She uses Dutch water management as a starting point for this. Together with experts from the water, care and design sectors, she has developed a first prototype of a new care system.

Design: Design Innovation Group
In collaboration with: ActiZ
More information: Praat vandaag over morgen and ActiZ Denkkamer

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