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The Green Facades Hackathon

The Green Facades Hackathon is a four-day process in which three green facades are realized around BlueCity in Rotterdam. Through a combination of knowledge sharing and experimentation, participants of the hackathon gain knowledge about how the prototype – green facades – work and what it takes to apply this in other places.

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17 Oct 2020 - All day

Location Virtual
The Green Facades Hackathon

Nature-based solutions such as green roofs and facades, modular timber construction and urban food forests are innovative and promising ways to make the construction sector and cities future-proof. The policy frameworks to make this possible are now in place: by 2030, Rotterdam wants circular to be the benchmark and that the primary use of raw materials is reduced by 50% compared to 2018. The theoretical framework also states: the standard works for this regenerative society are Cradle To Cradle, the Donut Economy and the Blue Economy. Thinkers all over the world have now shared their visions.

High time to put theory into practice! BlueCity Lab and Scape Agency are therefore organizing a four-day hackathon with designers, city makers, nature experts, entrepreneurs, researchers and builders during Dutch Design Week 2020 in which we realize three green facades around BlueCity in Rotterdam.



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