Floriade 2022

The Exploded View Beyond Building is going to the Floriade Expo 2022. The exhibition premiered during DDW21 as a centrepiece of the Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building. This exhibition of more than 100 natural building materials in the shape of a house can be visited again from 14 April, for six months in Almere.

Type event Expo
Date & Time

14 Apr - 9 Oct 2022 - All day

Floriade 2022
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With this exhibition, both professionals and the general public are inspired with the possibilities of sustainable construction and living, now and in the future. It shows and lets you experience that a lot can already be done at scale, affordable and manageable. By building differently, we influence more worlds than just the building world.

In addition to The Exploded View Beyond Building, The Growing Pavilion (2019) can also be visited during Floriade 2022. The pavilion, which is 95% circular and 10 tons of CO2 negative, is an ode to biobased materials.

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