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The Embassy of Water

The Embassy of Water is a platform for water-related design, where stakeholders connect to share knowledge, inspire and accelerate innovation. Designers play a key role in making the transition from idea to product, from mind to matter, from ideal to reality. With their broad, ground-breaking vision, they can spark a change in thinking, acting and doing.

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By connecting designers, government, knowledge and research institutions, enterprises and end users at an early stage, the Embassy establishes a creative Water Hub for future-centred partnerships focused on innovative solutions. Collaborating in a neutral environment, outside of existing organisational structures we are shaping a sustainable, water-friendly society together.

This Embassy links designers with challenges that are faced by partners like the Dommel Water Board, the Municipality of Eindhoven and the Province of Noord Brabant. Designers are also introduced to the phenomenal world of water and receive a (basic) knowledge of natural water systems and processes. Our goal is to work towards a design method that goes beyond biomimicry (copying nature), to a design practice that supports or reinforces the way water functions. Designs for water.

During DDW19

During Dutch Design Week, this Embassy presents opportunities. We showcase the image of the super future that we have co-created, and hope that it inspires us towards a self-sufficient, circular, sustainable water chain.

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