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In the Embassy of Safety we look at how designers can contribute to current safety issues. This embassy concentrates on research and experimentation and attempts to answer the question ‘Is safety a right?’ by generating practical solutions from multiple perspectives.

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We primarily try to create a safe society through policies, laws, rules and protocols. We think of safety as a right. A right that we can claim from companies and executive government bodies, where a strict division of tasks and hierarchical structures applies. We use models based on analyses of objectively measured figures. And in order to guarantee our right to safety in the future, we tend to think in terms of technological applications that generate data and make choices based on algorithms.

And that’s all well and good. But in this systematic world of security, we seem to have lost sight of the human factor. Moreover, our perceptions of safety are extremely subjective and there is no guarantee that entrusting our safety to self-thinking systems will make us feel any safer. Our sense of security depends on trust, emotions and assigning meaning. And that’s precisely the domain that designers know a lot about.

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