Embassy of Mobility

The Embassy of Mobility

Mobility is a necessity, not a goal. You depend on it to get the care you need, to get to work, or to relax with your family. And there are many more examples.

In 2020, we were confronted with a new reality in which distance between people became key. It has shown us that freezing mobility has a major positive impact on the environment and the liveability of cities and offer us the chance to go back to the drawing board and think about viable forms of mobility. We can now correct the design error of the last century, in which the car was central to urban planning, and make mobility an essential factor for liveability.

What if the quality of life plays a key role in designing mobility? What if mobility improves people’s well-being and stimulates connection? What if mobility aims to prevent traffic movements? What if mobility positively contributes to the environment? Together with partners, we will explore the possibilities of the future. We will all embrace the Embassy with a long-term perspective and the urge to experiment that is necessary.

We will start an experiment in the Brainport area. We continue to facilitate working close to home in order to limit the number of movements in and out of the region, even after COVID-19. We want to close gaps by connecting people, contribute to the environment by bringing greenery where cars used to be, and stimulate local entrepreneurship.

There is no better way to predict the future than helping to shape it yourself.

Are you in?

The curator of this Embassy is Rob Adams, founder of innovation agency Six Fingers.

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Partners of Embassy of Mobility

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