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Mobility is a necessity. To get to work, for recreation, to visit the hospital, to take your kids on a city trip. The examples are endless. At the Embassy of Mobility we see mobility as a means, not a goal.

In the 1930s we planned our cities to work efficiently. For cars, not people. But now that the world is a very different place and we’re forced to go back to the drawing board, we can’t afford to make the same mistake. Today, mobility must put people first.

We want mobility for everyone. And access for everyone. By this we mean that access to cities and the surrounding areas must be designed to serve the people who live there. This market is open to existing service providers, and also offers opportunities to new, small-scale services.

Together with designers, Dutch Railways, VNG (the Association of Dutch Municipalities), DDF and other partners, the Embassy of Mobility looked for inspiring solutions that redefine mobility. That dare to experiment and question existing mindsets. We joined forces with partners to explore the highways of the future. And for us, Dutch Design Week wasn’t a destination, it was a stop along the way. A place where we flagged up dilemmas and proposed alternatives.

Dutch Design Week 2019

At Dutch Design Week, the Embassy of Mobility offered a glimpse of tomorrow’s mobility today. By doing so, we aim to grow public support for tomorrow’s innovations, and to engage with business, industry and government. Because designing new infrastructure, new mobility applications and perhaps even new legislation and regulations demands bold choices. And a different way of thinking, one based on liveability not efficiency. In getting to grips with these topics, the Embassy also centred around debate between experts from various sectors involved in this future vision of mobility.

Curator: Rob Adams

Rob Adams, founder of innovation agency Six Fingers in Eindhoven, is a sought-after speaker on topics like modernisation and innovation. Six Fingers develops new products and services, as well as strategies and start-ups. An alternative financial system for agriculture, new forms of voting, the new role of an energy supplier… Six Fingers tackles these sorts of questions from companies, governments and organisations with methods like user research, painstorming, trend and scenario research, branch marking, Lego SeriousPlay and Design Thinking.



  • Parktheater
  • Arena Graduation Show, Campina
  • Microlab
  • Natlab
  • ABN AMRO Circle-E, Klokgebouw
  • The Growing Pavilion
  • Klokgebouw
  • Entresol, Klokgebouw
  • Het Lab, Campina
  • TQ/Strijp T
  • Keukenconfessies
  • Ketelhuisplein
  • Machinekamerplein
  • Innovation Powerhouse
  • Yksi Expo
  • Gloeilampplantsoen
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