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Designing for Chronic Health

Technological feasibility reaches unprecedented levels in the 21st century. Meanwhile we seek to live happier and healthier for longer and we stretch the boundaries of life at its onset as well as it’s end.

The exposition ‘Chronic Health: If not us, then who?’ showed how a collective approach is crucial to designing healthcare. We’ve shown how health care products or services do not stand alone but interact with each other within a complex environment of care. Its design requires an empathic attitude to not design just for each other, but rather with each other.

The exposition submerged visitors in an interactive setting and had them experience what the role of design in healthcare may be: now, as well as in the near and far future.

Covering two floors of the Innovation Powerhouse, the expo was comprised of 25 projects, part of which was interactive. To view all projects, check out the 2018 catalogue on the right.

Embassy of Health 2018 catalogue