Are you looking for the next generation of designers worldwide? The developments that will really make a difference? The talents that create above and beyond the normal? You will find these international design pearls at the Antenna Design Conference. They present the most innovative insights and concepts in a new format comprising a dynamic programme with interviews, short presentations and videos.

The Antenna Conference is the first international event to showcase the most recent developments of international young talent. Do you want to join the next edition of this conference? Keep an eye on this page for tickets.

Photo by Jeroen van der Wielen
Photo by Jeroen van der Wielen

Antenna 2019 Line-up

This year’s lineup – the best of the best – had 20 talents originating from 5 continents and 16 countries. The selection comprised a wide range of innovations, running the gamut from social solutions for the re-use of sewage to the use of seaweed as construction material.

Showcased themes included material innovation using atypical resources, inclusive design, and design-driven technology. The Sum Waste project by American designer Garett Benisch is an example of the first theme. He developed a bio-ink obtained from waste water that he uses for the printing of poetry. His design calls attention to the pollution of the Gowanus Canal in New York. Camila Chiriboga designs clothing pieces with greater tactility. Her garments contain different layers and shapes that make it easier to assess the appearance of a garment by touching it. This empowers the visually impaired to independently select their own oufits. System designer Nikol Kirova explores an intelligent tile system for sidewalks that keeps track of pedestrian flow. The Synapse project generates insight into pedestrian foot traffic and behavior, a field of study that is increasingly relevant due to current urbanization trends. Nikol’s ambition is to influence mobility choices by providing information about where traffic congestion occurs.

The graduates studied at the following academies and universities: Pratt, The Barlett School of Architecture, DAE, Central Saint Martins, KEA, IAAC, Bauhaus, Berlin University of the Arts, FH Joanneum, RISD, ECAL, Imperial College London, Duncan or Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Parsons, School of Visual Arts, Emily Carr, Stellenbosch, University of the Underground and The Icelandic Academy of the Arts.

Antenna is the first worldwide overview of the best of design talent.
— Ravi Naidoo


Initiated by Design Indaba and Dutch Design Week, Antenna showcases the best international design talents from around the globe. This platform presents the forefront of the next design generation, sharing their groundbreaking ideas, cross-border visions, and strong ideals. The mission they have in common, is to create a positive impact in the world.

Every year, new designers are chosen via an international selection process in which world-renowned design academies and universities are involved. New design graduates share their concepts during the Antenna Conference. This year all the projects were also showcased during an exhibition taking place at Klokgebouw, Strijp-S. However, Antenna goes beyond sharing concepts. The platform includes a coaching program to assist participating designers in manifesting their ideas. Antenna operates as a network of professionals, experts and researchers in order to strengthen the relationship between designer and industry.

Partners of Antenna

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